Born in Kashmir state of the Indian republic, Raj is Science graduate and Graduate of Electronics Engineering with Post-Graduate Masters in Business Management and Marketing.

Having handled a broad range of products across a diverse range of industries Raj was increasingly involved in Australian Healthcare industry, Environment industry, Information Technology Services, Heavy Engineering, Tools and Dies, Personnel Care products, Mining Equipments, Retail, with New Zealand Clean water technology company and other industries and established their presence in developing countries.

Traveled extensively throughout India, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East (Arab countries), Sri Lanka, Bangla Desh, and CIS (Old Russia) countries, Far East, Europe and UK, Raj has developed an in-depth knowledge of Indian business & culture and has assisted a large number of Australian & New Zealand companies access the complex Indian market.

Raj has been traveling to and around Australia for the last 14 years, spoken to various industry forums, chambers, individual company boards and has been keynote speaker at seminars on “Doing Business in India and sub-continent”. Raj has sound understanding of Australian industry export capabilities having assisted over 30 Australian companies develop business opportunities in India.

Some of the major achievements have been:

  • Joint venture between Ulco Medicals, Sydney, NSW, Australia with an Indian company for manufacture of Anesthesia machines and Ventilators.
  • Nominated on the board of directors for joint venture company representing Australian company.
  • Arranging manufacture of OT tables in India designed and developed by an Australian company as per their specifications.
  • Finalizing a world bank aided order for Queensland Company for supply of 14 systems of medical waste treatment plants with Autoclaving Technology for the first time in India.
  • Advising and running of branch office of Cork International, Sydney, Australia, and bringing down operational costs by 35 %.
  • Finalizing arrangements for manufacture by third party for a New Zealand Company for their on line water distillation machine to be marketed in various countries.
  • Visited WHO in Geneva for a presentation on safety products needed in developing countries.

All the above work included product-based market research, partner identification, visit to facilities, establishment of joint ventures, implementation of various projects, arranging distribution net work for marketing of safety health care products and policing the projects/marketing.

Raj was associated full time for 8 years with Australian Business Ltd, now known as NSW Australian Business Chamber, Sydney, NSW, and was key coordinator of all the Australian Business Ltd-coordinated health & environment trade missions into India, first health care industry trade mission by Indian Medical Association to Australia.

From 2003 to 2008 Raj was Business Advisor to BMDi Pty Ltd a Sydney, NSW based organization. Has set up their regional office, arranged third party manufacture of their products, set up marketing distribution channels in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan and Kuwait. Marketed more than 20 000 pcs of one the products, exported the full range of BMDi products to above countries including Developing countries aided projects (DCAP) like Africa, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Guyana, won orders from PATH a Seattle based company for their projects in India., entered into Long Term Arrangements with UNICEF for supply of BMDi safety device.

These products used in the healthcare industry to avoid re-use of medical devices such as syringes, needles, sharps and other used/infectious items were first time introduced in the sub-continent and Republic of Kyrgyzstan to ensure the stopping and spread of infections & diseases such as AIDS, HIV. Raj was completely responsible to introduce Syringe Hub-Needle Cutters and sharps containers in all above countries as also getting them manufactured under strict cost effective measures. Raj has been very closely associating himself with ministry of health at national and state level, UNICEF, WHO and other healthcare organizations. Recently invited to Kyrgyzstan by Ministry Of Health Of the Kyrgyz Republic to advise and assist on matters of medical waste management for their project being run & executed by Kyrgyz-Swiss-Swedish Health Project Team of Swiss Red Cross. Having signed partnership agreements with Tobii Technology AB, Sweden, Raj is fully involved in making Tobii Eye Tracking Technology a great success in the country.