Product Portfolio

We have partnered with following Companies to bring the top notch technology to India, For Researchers to study human behavior with eye tracking, EEG, integration & more sensors. 


Tobii Eye Tracking

Tobii eye tracking systems enable you to efficiently obtain valid and reliable eye tracking research results, by being easy to use, unobtrusive, and highly accurate and precise. Tobii Pro helps businesses and science professionals gain real insights into human behavior with world-leading eye tracking solutions and services.


A.B.M. wireless EEG system

A.B.M develops and commercializes advanced wireless EEG headsets, physiological monitoring systems, and bioelectric signal acquisition and processing software. The company is very active in neuroscience research in the US and worldwide. A.B.M products are unobtrusive and can be easily operated, while delivering medical-grade quality signal.


T.E.A. Integration Solution

T.E.A offers a comprehensive range of solutions for the analysis of human behaviour. T.E.A also offers portable, real-time and wireless data acquisition devices, as well as the CAPTIV software which allows to sync data with video together with your other recording devices (eye-tracker, EEG, motion tracking, simulator)